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SCA Makes History

By Irene Lule The SCA Archive documents the activities and business of the organization from its inception to the present, ...
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Five Faves: The San Jose Signs Project

By Heather M. David “Because of a still substantial sign inventory here, there's an overwhelming capacity for San Jose to ...
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Five Faves: Kentucky

By Mary Ann Buckner The first road in Kentucky was known as the “Wilderness Road,” aptly named since the area ...
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Five Faves: Paintings by Jeffrey L. Neumann

By Jeffrey L. Neumann 1: The Red Ball Café, Albuquerque, NM Watercolor on Arches paper, 22 x 30, 2017 The ...
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Five Faves: Oklahoma City

By Lynne Rostochi From its very first Land Run days in 1889, Oklahoma City has been a mecca for daring ...
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Five Faves: St. George, Utah

By Douglas Towne Utah has more connections to the South than just their oddly named NBA franchise, the Jazz, who ...
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Five Six Faves: Upper East Side, New York City, NY

By Michael Hirsch About 25 years ago, I became a resident of the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I had ...
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