Printed Motel Fan

ZOOM EVENT: Cara Rodway – America Hobnobs at the Tourist Camp: Social Change and the Roadside in the Interwar Years

Join Cara Rodway, Head of Research Development at the British Library as she delves into the motivations driving this rapid expansion and its implications for consumer behavior. We will explore why motels thrived during this era, shedding light on business strategies and shifts in consumer preferences. Register
Columbia River Highway

ZOOM RECORDING: Robert W. Hadlow, Ph.D. – Drive to Oregon Down the Famed Columbia River Highway

Recorded Wednesday, September 20th: Come along for a ride down the Columbia River Highway, America’s First Highway. This route was constructed from 1913 to 1922 east of Portland, Oregon, along the south shore of the Columbia River. In nearly 80 miles, it offered motorists magnificent views of a wonderful collection of waterfalls and many scenic vistas. Register
<span style="color: red">ZOOM RECORDING:</span> Mike Walker - Imagined Exotica and Atom Futures

ZOOM RECORDING: Mike Walker – Imagined Exotica and Atom Futures

Recorded Wednesday, August 16, 2023: Wednesday, August 16 at 8:00pm EDT: Join journalist Mike Walker as he examines the mid-twentieth century American beachside hotel and motel architecture which brought forth a fusion of California Googie futurism, the exoticism of the South Pacific and other distant locales.
<span style="color: red">RECAP:</span> SCA’s 46th Annual Conference and Tour – Amused in the Alleghenies

RECAP: SCA’s 46th Annual Conference and Tour – Amused in the Alleghenies

Whether you were on the bus or not, join tour guide extraordinaire, Kevin Patrick, as he retraces our whacky and wonderful journey along historic U.S. Route 6.