“Don’t crowd the resource!”

Tours of roadside buildings and signage are an important part of Society for Commercial Archeology (SCA) Tours and Conferences.

spare time grill sca tourWe are indebted to the willingness of owners and sometimes managers to allow our visits. Please remember that as an attendee you are representing SCA and are a guest of the site owner.

You are expected to abide by all rules communicated by your tour guides.

  • Remember upon leaving the bus, assemble alongside the bus or in a location, where once everyone gets off the bus, they are able to take a photo without any of the attendees in it.
  • Once it is determined that everyone has had a chance to get a photo of the resource, you may approach.
  • Take only authorized photos.
  • Stay with your guide and out of restricted areas.
  • If you are unsure of the rules for a particular site, you are encouraged to ask.

Not following the rules can lead to expulsion from the tour by your host, tour guide, or an SCA Board member. The “rules” are intended to ensure that each tour is an educational and enjoyable experience for everyone.