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Roadside Roundup – Apr 2018

The April 2018 issue of Roadside Roundup is now posted. It includes: Your invitation to join SCA @ Blobfest 2018 ...
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SCA Roadside Roundup – Dec 2017

The December 2017 issue of Roadside Roundup is now posted. It includes: News on the April 10-12, 2018 symposium hosted ...
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How to Save a Roadside Place

Interested in saving an endangered roadside place? No matter the type of place – from diners to motels to neon ...
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Society for Commercial Archeology Donates Archives to Alexander Architectural Archives

The Society for Commercial Archeology (SCA) has initiated the donation of our archives to Alexander Architectural Archives, Architecture & Planning ...
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lincoln motor court

Fallling by the Wayside 2016

NO. 1: Lincoln Motor Court 5104 Lincoln Highway Mann's Choice, PA History: Constructed between 1938 and 1941, the Lincoln Motor ...
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What is Commercial Archeology? Raina Regan Explains.

What is commercial archeology? SCA Board of Directors Co-Vice President, Raina Regan, gets asked that a lot. Here’s what she ...
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An Interview with the Society for Commercial Archeology

A 2013 interview by Nelson James of A few days ago we posted my interview with Danielle Kelly from ...
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white springs restaurant image

Falling by the Wayside 2013

No. 1: White Springs Restaurant 30159 Klein Brewery Road >McGregor, IA United States One of McGregor's biggest tourist attractions in ...
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airplane filling station knoxville image

Falling by the Wayside 2011

No. 1: Airplane Filling Station 6829-6899 Clinton Highway Knoxville, TN37921 United States Located on the side of the busy Clinton ...
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buckhorn baths sign

Falling by the Wayside 2010

No. 1: Buckhorn Baths 5964 East Main Street Mesa, AZ United States Buckhorn Baths, a ten-acre oasis of palms, gardens ...
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