From diners, motels and gas stations to neon signs, quirky attractions and more, the SCA celebrates the living history of America’s roadside.

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We Focus Attention on Efforts to Save North America’s Most Endangered Roadside Places.

All along the nation’s highways and byways there are reminders of the heyday of the American roadside. From filling stations, to tourist courts, to bridges, parks, and diners, these roadside icons are survivors from a time when the American road trip was truly a journey of adventure and discovery.

Through our website, Facebook page and email newsletter, The Society for Commercial Archeology is working to call attention to the potential loss of these national treasures, and help coordinate action to protect the most vulnerable properties.

If you are looking for information on how to save an important roadside building or structure, our guide, How to Save a Roadside Place, is a great place to start.

We Research and Share the Often Quite Poignant Stories Historic Signs and Structures Tell.

The Society for Commercial Archeology publishes the SCA Journal, SCA Road Notes, our printed newsletter, and the SCA Roadside Roundup, our e-newsletter.  All publications are free to to members. Back-issues can be purchased through the SCA Store. Many articles are posted in part or in full in SCA Articles.

Want to get published? The SCA invites preservation professionals, academics, authors, independent scholars and enthusiasts to submit story ideas for our Road Notes, Journal or website at any stage of development.

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The SCA hosts a bi-annual conferences in city’s across the United States and supports member-organized road trips, tours and events all year round. Check out our upcoming events, past events, tour guides, photos and news.