Columbia River Highway

ZOOM RECORDING: Robert W. Hadlow, Ph.D. – Drive to Oregon Down the Famed Columbia River Highway

Recorded Wednesday, September 20th: Come along for a ride down the Columbia River Highway, America’s First Highway. This route was constructed from 1913 to 1922 east of Portland, Oregon, along the south shore of the Columbia River. In nearly 80 miles, it offered motorists magnificent views of a wonderful collection of waterfalls and many scenic vistas.
<span style="color: red">ZOOM RECORDING:</span> Mike Walker - Imagined Exotica and Atom Futures

ZOOM RECORDING: Mike Walker – Imagined Exotica and Atom Futures

Recorded Wednesday, August 16, 2023: Wednesday, August 16 at 8:00pm EDT: Join journalist Mike Walker as he examines the mid-twentieth century American beachside hotel and motel architecture which brought forth a fusion of California Googie futurism, the exoticism of the South Pacific and other distant locales.
Mark Havens Out of Season

ZOOM RECORDING: Daniel Vieyra and Mark Havens – Wildwood: Looking Back to America’s Promised Future

Recorded Wednesday, May 17, 2023: Join architect and preservationist Daniel Vieyra and photographer Mark Havens as they present the rich midcentury modern motel architecture of Wildwood, New Jersey from two distinct viewpoints.
Bowling alley ball rack

ZOOM RECORDING: Susan Bregman – Straight Outta Worcester: The Story of Candlepin Bowling

Wednesday, April 12, 2023: Join author and photographer Susan Mara Bregman for an affectionate look at one of America’s quirkiest pastimes – candlepin bowling.
Amused in the Alleghenies: SCA 46th Annual Conference and Tours

Amused in the Alleghenies: SCA 46th Annual Conference and Tours

On May 31, 2023, the Society for Commercial Archeology welcomed registered members to a 3-day conference in Erie, Pennsylvania. Reception, tours, presentations, a cool downtown and good company. We can’t wait to see everybody again next year in Nashville!
Joel Baker

ZOOM RECORDING: Joel Baker – The Fall and Rise of the American Giant

Wednesday, March 15, 2023: Join Joel Baker, founder in 2012 of American Giants, as he discusses the history of the roadside giants known as “Muffler Men,” and his teams efforts to restore these American Giants. Watch Video
<span style="color: red">ZOOM RECORDING:</span> Brian Butko – Greetings from the Lincoln Highway

ZOOM RECORDING: Brian Butko – Greetings from the Lincoln Highway

Join Brian Butko, author of 4 books on the Lincoln Highway, as takes us on tour of the fabled highway from New York to San Francisco, past mountaintop lookouts, through the gumbo of Iowa, and stopping at vintage cafes and cabin courts. We’ll learn where the road went in 1913, and why, and how that all
<span style="color: red">ZOOM RECORDING:</span> Bill Swislow – Roadside Art Environments

ZOOM RECORDING: Bill Swislow – Roadside Art Environments

Join SCA board member, Bill Swislow, as we look at some of the country’s oddest roadside attractions, the ones so eccentric that calling them works of art is the only way to do them justice.