SCA Journal | Fall 2004


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  • Archie Loss, ed., “A Trip Across the Country, July 1933: A Journal by Lourene Vail”
  • Keith A. Sculle, “A Bit of the South Florida Roadside Transplanted: Allan W. Davis, Sea Shells and Souvenirs”
  • Beth Savage, “By the Side of the Road: Road Markers”
  • Pete Phillips, “Sign Lines”
  • Diane DeBlois, “A Stitch in Time…”
  • Larry Cultrera, “Diner Hotline”
  • Book Reviews:
    • Andrew F. Wood and Jenny L. Wood, Motel America: A State-By-State Tour Guide to Nostalgic Stopovers
    • Leland and Crystal Payton, See the Ozarks: The Touristic Image

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