SCA Journal | Spring 2007


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  • Guy W. Carwile, “‘It’s Got to Be Good’: Borden’s Ice Cream Store”
  • Virginia B. Price, “Moonlit Miracles for the Tourist Trade: Reconstructing Fort Rosalie in Natchez”
  • Beth L. Savage, “The Perfect Orange”, “Vernacular Scholars Tour Savannah” and “Super-sized Save-A-Landmark Program”
  • Diane DeBlois, “California Hot Springs”
  • Pete Phillips, “Sign Lines”
  • Larry Cultrera, “My Family History With Diners”
  • Book Reviews
    • Carol Dawson and Carol Johnston, House of Plenty: The Rise, Fall, and Revival of Luby’s Cafeterias
    • Lee Whiteley and Jane Whiteley, The Playground Trail: The National Park-to-Park Highway: To and Through the National Parks of the West in 1920
    • Howard J. Erlichman, Camino del Norte: How a Series of Watering Holes, Fords, and Dirt Trails Evolved into Interstate 35 in Texas
    • Daniel Francis, A Road for Canada: The Illustrated Story of the Trans-Canada Highway
    • David W. Monaghan, Canada’s ‘New Main Street’: The Trans-Canada Highway as Idea and Reality 1912-1956

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