SCA Journal | Fall 2010


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  • Douglas Towne, “High Plains Drifter”
  • Lyell Henry, “Reaching for Fame on the Roadside: George Kern and his Petrified Ham”
  • Euan Hague, “More Imagined than Real: The Jefferson Davis Highway”
  • Diane DeBlois, “Gadsden Hotel, Queen of the Border”
  • Debra Jane Seltzer, “Drive-In Theatre Signs”
  • Peter Glaser, “Did Someone Say ‘Niagara Falls?'”
  • Book Reviews
    • John Margolies, photographer; Phil Patton, author; C. Ford Peatross, contributing author; Jim Heimann, editor, John Margolies: Roadside America: Architectural Relics from a Vanishing Past
    • John Londei, Shutting Up Shop: The decline of the traditional small shop
    • Shannon Sanders McDonald, The Parking Garage: Design and Evolution of a Modern Urban Form
    • Brian Butko, The Ship Hotel: Still a Grand View Along the Lincoln Highway

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