SCA Journal | Spring 1997


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  • Mark Hufstetler, “The Auto Arrives at Glacier”
  • Dennis Holden and Mark Hufstetler, “Building a Landmark: Glacier’s ‘Sun Road'”
  • Bruce E. Seely, “Urban Freeway Development and the Bureau of Public Roads, 1930-1950”
  • Jill Livingston (text) and Kathryn Golden (photographs), “Highway Bridges: A Fusion of Art and Function: A Northern California Sampler”
  • Diane DeBlois, “The Big Trees as Roadside Attraction”
  • Pete Phillips, “Sign Lines”
  • Larry Cultrera, “Diner Hotline”
  • Sara Amy Leach, “By the ‘Way… Places to Stay: Wigwam Village No. 2” (Cave City, KY); “Log Cabin Motor Court” (The Weaverville Highway, north of Asheville, NC); “The Pine Cottages (Asheville, NC)”
  • Book Reviews:
    • Douglas A. Yorke, Jr., John Margolies, and Eric Baker, Hitting the Road: The Art of the American Road Map
    • Michael Karl Witzel, The American Drive-In
    • Jim Heimann, Car Hops and Curb Service