SCA Journal | Fall 2005


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  • Lyell Henry, “Accommodations ‘for Colored’”
  • Gregory Smith, “‘Finest for Negroes’: Lodging in Jim Crow Era Texas”
  • Mella Rothwell Harmon, “‘500 Negro Wives Annually’: Reno’s African-American Divorce Trade”
  • Frank Brusca, “Crisis on Route 40: How the U.S. Department of State Worked on the Domestic Front to Combat Whites-Only Policy in Public Accommodations””
  • Diane DeBlois, “Nothing Plain at the Plains Motel”
  • Beth Savage, “Segregation and Preservation”
  • Pete Phillips, “Sign Lines”
  • Larry Cultrera, “Diner Hotline”
  • Book Reviews:
    • David Clements, Talking Shops: Detroit Commercial Folk Art
    • Peter Genovese, The Jersey Shore Uncovered: A Revealing Season at the Beach

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