SCA News Fall/Winter 2005




  • Article: What A Sight! Route 66 Window Mural Project in Springfield, IL – Keith A. Sculle
  • Article: Holy Hand-Painted Signage! The African Roadside – Lillian Sizemore
  • Article: Humdrum Correspondence: Boring Postcards Only an SCA Member Could Enjoy – Thomas C. Van DeGrift
  • Article: Rescued & Relit: American Sign Museum Additions – Tod Swormstedt
  • Article: Time’s Up for NYC Hojo’s – Douglas Towne
  • Five Favs – Southern California Desert – Kristin Leuschner
  • Article: Cool Springs, AZ: Rebirth of Cool Route 66 Stop – Douglas Towne
  • Article: The Tiki Torch Continues to Burn for the Kahiki – John Hellmuth
  • Article: San Antonio Swine: the Pig Stand – Lisa Nohl
  • Article: The New McDonald’s: Don’t be Fooled – Michael Houser
  • Article: El Vado Going Vamos in Albuquerque? – Peter Ives
  • Editor’s Column – SCA Holiday Gluttony – Douglas Towne