SCA News Summer 2017




  • Announcement: “SCA’s 40th Celebration: Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the American Sign Museum” – Tod Swormstedt
  • Article: “A Roadside Star Dims in Astoria” – Keith A. Sculle
  • Announcement: “SCA Conference Features Popcorn and Neon” – Heather David
  • Article: “Hidden Mural Uncovered: That’s No Bull” – Lana Justice
  • Ask Chuck Column: “Impact of Autos on Sign Concepts” – Chuck Barnard
  • Article: “Historic Mississippi Buildings Fuel Roadside Research” – Keith A. Sculle
  • Five Favs: Upper East Side, New York City – Michael Hirsch (Online)
  • Sign Snippets – Dell Rhea’s Chicken Basket, Doerr Furniture, and the Pep Grill – Debra Jane Seltzer
  • Editor’s Column – Artist’s Palette Rediscovered: Duncan, Arizona – Douglas Towne