SCA News Journal | Fall 1986




  • Route 1 tour
  • The Giant roller coaster
  • SCA at 10
  • Book review: Main Street to Miracle Mile
  • Book review: The Automobile and Urban Transit
  • Book reviews: Built in the U.S.A. and The American Landscape
  • Book review: Roadside America
  • Articles noted: The Origins of McDonald’s Golden Arches, Prosperity Rides on Rubber Tires
  • Exhibit review: At Home on the Road at the Smithsonian
  • McDonald’s architecture
  • Stanley Tigerman parking garage
  • Route 30 Noah’s Ark for sale
  • Route 30 shoe house for sale
  • Tail of the Pup new location
  • Iowa Lincoln highway
  • Vintage White Castle saved
  • Coca-Cola sign to be re-erected
  • Paramus Lanes lost
  • Big Boy turns 50

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