SCA Journal | Fall 2007


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  • Douglas Towne, “Ag Ad Archeology”
  • Keith A. Sculle, “What’s In a Name? Coronado Courts and More”
  • David Malcolm Rose, “Welcome to Hot Springs, Arkansas: A Commercial Archeologist’s Playground”
  • L. Robert Puschendorf, “The ‘Bungalow’ Filling Stations of the Standard Oil Company in Nebraska”
  • Beth L. Savage, “Suburban Village Designated Historic Landmark” (Mariemont, OH); “Sleep and Eat in Bank Thanks to Rehab” (The Farmers and Mechanics Savings Bank, Minneapolis, MN); “Indianapolis Car Culture Highlighted”; “Vintage Washington, D.C. Images”
  • Diane DeBlois, “Bisbee, Arizona”
  • Debra Jane Seltzer, “Sixties Satellite Signs”
  • Larry Cultrera, “Diner Hotline”
  • Book Reviews
    • Claudette Stager and Martha A. Carver, eds., Looking Beyond the Highway: Dixie Roads and Culture
    • Thomas T. Fetters with Vincent Kohler, The Lustron Home: The History of a Postwar Prefabricated Housing Experiment
    • Frank E. Wrenick, The Streamline Era Greyhound Terminal: The Architecture of W.S. Arrasmith
    • Brian Butko, Greetings from the Lincoln Highway: America’s First Coast-to-Coast Road

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