Joel Baker
Recorded Wednesday, March 13, 2023

Joel Baker

In the early 1960s a man named Bob Prewitt started making fiberglass advertising figures and animals. The creations saw a marked increase in sales for businesses who used them, and for the next 10 years there was an explosion of fiberglass advertising across the nation. The 70s saw stricter shipping laws and price increases and the fiberglass advertising era came to an end. The giant figures, commonly known today as Muffler Men, were seen by many as an eyesore and most businesses removed them over the next 40 years. In the last 15 years we have seen an unprecedented resurgence in these relics of the 60s, and they are once more appearing in numbers across the country.

Presenter Joel Baker’s interest in fiberglass advertising started in 2011. After finding one of the giants standing in Florida he dug deeper into their history and a passion was born to learn more about the giants and restore them. In 2012 he founded American Giants and in 2015 started restoring giants with his restoration team based in Illinois.

Learn about these giants’ history, demise, restoration and rebirth in this brand new presentation from American Giants.

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