Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where a sign perched at a precarious curve on U.S. 40 seems to challenge motorists to take their cars for a swim.

The pool is part of the Old Town Hot Springs, one of several hot springs in the Yampa Valley. The chugging steamboat-like sound of water gurgling from one of the springs is what gave the town its name. Set at the western base of the Park Range, Steamboat Springs became more famous for its ski slopes. Skiing and hot springs, a perfect compliment. Also visible in this westbound postcard view towards Elk Mountain is the Rabbit Ears Motel, an SCA sign-fan favorite. Just to the east, U.S. 40 crosses the Park Range over Rabbit Ears Pass, the motel’s namesake. Amazingly, the neon-lit, big-eared bunny sign survives, as does Old Town Hot Springs. The Large Pool, however, is a little more protected from wayward traffic by an embankment and fence.

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