Quay County building new bridge next to historic bridge on Route 66

VIDEO – Quay County Bridge KFDA

From News Channel 10: QUAY COUNTY, N.M. (KFDA) – The State of New Mexico is receiving $50 million to repair roads and bridges.

After years of asking for funding, Quay County received $3 million to build a low water crossing right next to an historic bridge on Route 66.

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From KIMT 3: Arguably, a piece of Rochester history will soon be taken down. the heritage preservation commission voted unanimously to remove the log cabin motel from the historic landmark list for the city of Rochester tonight.

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The Castañeda reopens in Las Vegas, N.M., thanks to an entrepreneur with a soft spot for historic hotels

Bar Castaneda at Castaneda hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Daniel Lutzick

When Allan Affeldt and his wife, artist Tina Mion, first saw the Castañeda Hotel in Las Vegas, it was a train wreck.

Lath and mortar showed through the walls, gutters sagged, part of the foundation had collapsed, and windows open to rain, wind and snow. It had been closed as a hotel for almost 70 years, but there was still a seedy bar on the first floor known as the “Nasty Casty.” The place was worth little more than the liquor license.

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The ‘Green Book’ for black travelers featured hotels and restaurants in Fort Worth


From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: The Oscar-winning 2018 movie “Green Book” is based on the guidebook for black people traveling by car through the United States during the Jim Crow era of racial segregation. It was an era of “Whites Only” water fountains downtown, and suburban developments that promised “no negroes” allowed.

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Is the Swetsville Zoo Doomed to Extinction?

Bill Swets created one of Colorado’s greatest roadside attractions. Anthony Camera

From Westworld: One night back in 1985, Bill Swets was having trouble sleeping. A member of the Timnath volunteer fire department, he’d just returned from a horrific call, helping out at yet another accident scene that involved someone he knew from the rural area around southern Fort Collins, where his parents had bought a 120-acre farm in 1942, when Swets was just a baby. Now he had a family of his own, and though a dairy had been sold off years before, he still had the rest of the farm to run.

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BONUS: Documentary maker hopes ‘to open some eyes’ about 1908 Race Riot

The founders of Route History, Stacy Grundy, left, Gina Lathan and Kenneth Lockhart, are working on a new documentary on the 1908 Springfield Race Riot called White Heat/Black Ashes with filmmaker Brian Crowdson, center. Ted Schurter/The State Journal-Register

From The State Journal-Record: Brian Crowdson sat recently at a desk in his studio, Crowdson Creative, in the St. Nicholas Building, reflecting on his early attempts to get a documentary about the 1908 Springfield Race Riot off the ground.

A few things conspired against the “White Heat/Black Ashes” project, which Crowdson started in 2006 and hoped to complete by the race riot’s centennial in 2008.

More than a decade after that milestone, Crowdson said the timing is still right to look at one of the city’s seminal events.

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