The Neon Museum receives conservation grants for sign collection

Photo courtesy the Las Vegas News Bureau

From KTNV Las Vegas: The Neon Museum has received grants for the upkeep and preservation of the sign collection in the Neon Boneyard.

As an open-air museum, the Boneyard’s collection faces challenges traditional indoor museums do not encounter. To address this matter, The Neon Museum conducted a Collections Assessment Plan (CAP) in 2018, funded in part by the Institute of Museums and Library Services (IMLS).

The CAP provided valuable direction toward creating a long-term conservation treatment plan reflecting best practices for collections management and upkeep of all objects in the Museum’s permanent collection.

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Original Ann’s Bakery neon sign for sale on Facebook Marketplace

Ann’s Bakery in Tulsa, Okla.

From 2 Tulsa: TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa’s beloved Ann’s Bakery closed its doors in July 2018 and now it appears the vintage sign is for sale.

A post on Facebook Marketplace show’s the original neon sign is for sale for $3,500, or best offer. CLICK HERE to to view/buy the Ann’s Bakery sign.

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McDonald’s Signs

From The DealExperts: Everybody knows the golden arches. They grace every highway exit and small-town skyline. The arches symbolize French Fries and a fountain Coke. McDonald’s has been around since 1955, and the golden arches we know today have taken on many forms over the years.

One thing McDonald’s has done is stay consistent with the golden and red colors on their signs for almost 100 years. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it is what they say. While the sign has gone through changes, the arches will always be there for you.

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Documenting LA’s Historic And Abandoned Buildings Before They Turn Into Chipotles

A store in Granada Hills, from the book Abandoned & Historic Los Angeles: Neon and Beyond. Alixan Gorman/Courtesy Jason Horton

From LA ist: Los Angeles plays itself in a new book by Ghost Town podcast host Jason Horton. “Los Angeles is the main, and really only character,” he told LAist.

For Abandoned & Historic Los Angeles: Neon and Beyond, Horton stitched together essays, collected images, and commissioned shots of recognizable L.A. landmarks and lesser known locations.

The kind of site that excites him the most: the abandoned Hawthorne Plaza Mall.

He was working on a film the first time he saw it. “I was freaking out, even though I was supposed to be working. But I was like, I don’t care about your dumb movie, I care that I’m in this very awesome mall.”

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Neighbors rally around neon signs in NYC

Is there a way for neon signs of stores that have to close down to have a permanent home?

From PIX 11: NEW YORK — Neon signs have lit up the city for decades.

They are a beacon of businesses but many are going dark because of the pandemic.

James and Karla Murray have documented the changing and disappearing storefronts in the boroughs. They’ve published photography books and encourage exploration on social media.

They’re helping save a large sign at Palomba Academy of Music in the Bronx.

The business on East Gun Hill Road announced its closing after 63 years.

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