Project to convert former tobacco warehouse into apartments wins Golden Hammer Award; 10 other projects recognized

The new American Civil War Museum in Richmond. DANIEL SANGJIB MIN/TIMES-DISPATCH

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch: The transformation of the former American Tobacco Co. complex along Jefferson Davis Highway in South Richmond into the Port City development with hundreds of upscale apartments won an award for the best adaptive reuse.

The project, in which the first tenants moved in earlier this year, was among 11 developments in the Richmond area that were deemed to be the best in their categories during the 2019 Golden Hammer Awards ceremony.

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Downtown Orlando’s La Belle Furs will light up its neon sign again as store marks 100 years

Santa LaBellman in front of the iconic La Belle sign at her family business. Austin Fuller / Orlando Sentinel

From the Orlando Sentinel: The iconic neon yellow La Belle Furs sign in downtown Orlando is expected to light up again as part of a renovation of the 100-year family business.

The origins of the store go back to Sara LaBellman starting an Orlando seamstress business in 1919. Her son later added the furs to the store and the business moved to 351 N. Orange Ave. in 1957, where it remains.

LaBellman’s great-grandson Alex, 46, and his wife, Santa LaBellman, 36, took over the family business last year from Alex’s father, Art LaBellman, and have made changes at the shop, including a name change to La Belle Since 1919.

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Casual eateries serving hot dogs and ‘tropical juices’ are all over New York, but Papaya King is the original, still serving the combo today

From Insider: Papaya King started as a tropical juice stand, originally named Hawaiian Tropical Drinks, in 1932. It started serving hot dogs a few years later and has been famous for its tropical juice and frankfurter combo ever since. The restaurant goes through about 300 pounds of hot dogs each day.


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These Restaurant Chains May Not Survive 2020

It may be the end for these ground steak burgers. Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock

From MoneyWise: As the late chef Anthony Bourdain once said, “If anything is good for pounding humility into you permanently, it’s the restaurant business.”

It’s tough to see the chains you grew up with fighting for their lives. Many have tried and failed to reinvent themselves. Others are just like you remember them, but you now wonder why you ever liked them in the first place.

Since 80% of restaurants close before their fifth anniversary according to an Ohio State University study, it’s no surprise these 18 chains have been struggling despite their remarkable staying power.

Can they hang on through 2020?

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How to photograph neon signs: 5 tips for beginners

Neon photography by Natalie Kainz

From Better:Life: Some of the world’s most photogenic cities – New York, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, London – owe much of their night-time visual appeal to neon lights. Photographers are attracted from all across the globe like flies to a, well, light, to capture the vibrant signs that hang from these cities’ famous buildings.

But taking photos of neon lights isn’t that straightforward. You need to know how to work in low light, and have the patience for post-processing, not to mention a great deal of creativity.

If you’re looking to preserve your own slice of a city’s neon cityscape, grab your best gear and follow these five simple tips and tricks.

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