The Momentary Broadens the Definition of ‘Museum’ in Arkansas


The neon sign on The Momentary reads “You Belong Here.” The Momentary

From Next Avenue: “You belong here,” insists artist Tavares Strachan’s 78-foot-wide, 25-foot-high, neon sign on The Momentary, a vibrant gathering place that offers art, music, food and special events in downtown Bentonville, Arkansas. Housed in a repurposed 63,000-square-foot cheese factory, the building is just 1.7 miles from its parent institution, the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

“We believe everyone belongs at both our spaces, but The Momentary is more in your face,” said Rod Bigelow, executive director and chief diversity and inclusion officer for both museums. “Inside, everything is by living artists, and the exhibits change often. Outside, we have an amazing green, where families can kick around a soccer ball, have a picnic or listen to music wafting over from a concert.”

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Classic California Town Serving Up Retro Charm


The tallest building captures the town vibe. Flickr/Russell Mondy

From Thrillist: Traveling between Fresno and Modesto isn’t exactly glamorous. It’s nowhere near the ocean and at least 100 miles from wine country—but Merced is slowly starting to stake a claim as a California travel destination that deserves to be on your radar. The city is around an hour’s drive to Yosemite’s nearest entrance, which—considering the proximity and simultaneous distance—is why Merced’s slogan asks, “Why don’t you stay awhile?” And there’s good reason to.

The city has traces of vibes throughout the ages, with hints of Art Deco and vintage road trip culture. And the historic downtown area is reviving once again, welcoming new businesses at a frantic pace and embracing its location in the heart of California’s Central Valley. Here, agriculture isn’t just an industry, but something that moves the needle in the wining, dining, and entertainment spheres. You’ve got seasonal tasting menus, whiskey distilled with sweet potatoes, and nuns who grow their own weed.

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Travelers fill up for Memorial Day Weekend despite high gas prices


From WVUE: NEW ORLEANS – The Shell station on Tchoupitoulas and Joseph Street might have the highest gas prices in town at $4.79 a gallon.

And it was a shock to some drivers like New Orleans resident Don Abaunza.

“I noticed that as I pulled in and I just need to top off. Otherwise, I would head somewhere else,” Abaunza said.

He’s making sure his tank is full before heading to his Memorial Day Weekend vacation, and he’s not too concerned about the $4.60 national average for a gallon.

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Downtown Cleveland Greyhound building may be starting a new ride


The landmark downtown bus terminal, a classic of the streamline moderne style, may go into play after the aging national transit company changed hands between two European companies. Stan Bullard for Crain’s Cleveland Business

From Crain’s Cleveland Business: The landmark downtown Cleveland Greyhound Bus Station, 1465 Chester Ave., may be starting the trek toward a potential sale and redevelopment.

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I Wandered The Night Alleys Of Tokyo Under Neon Lights, And Here’s What I Captured (23 Pics)


Davide Sasso

From Bored Panda: I’m Davide Sasso and this is my “Tokyo Dream Distance” photographic project, a collection of photos that I took in Japan.

During this trip I didn’t have a tour guide or a local expert, I already knew some places, many others I didn’t. This was a conscious decision because I wanted to experience Japan from scratch, even if it meant losing myself in the many alleys of Tokyo. This also led me to photograph and see places that are not so touristy, if I could go back I would make this choice again.

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Why One Steak ‘N Shake Is On The National Register Of Historic Places


Richard Jordan/Getty Images

From mashed: The name “Route 66” conjures very specific images, not just for Americans, but for fans of Americana worldwide. Towering neon signs and drive-ins backlit against the night are about as iconic an image of 20th century America as can be found short of a Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover (via the Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program).

For those making the storied Route 66 road trip and looking to find the best burger in every state along the way, the Springfield, Missouri Steak ‘n Shake is a must-see. Says who? Well, the National Parks Service for one (via Missouri State Parks). But don’t just take their word for it: the classic burger chain is also recommended by the Springfield, Missouri visitor’s center, Road Trip USA, and virtually any guidebook or glossy-photoed coffee table book on Route 66 you can pick up. According to former owner Gary Leonard, the restaurant is even an international destination, drawing guests from all over the globe, including tour groups from the region once known as Czechoslovakia (via Route 66 News). But the 1962 building is more than just a place for tourists and cross-country road-trippers to grab lunch, it’s a heritage site — the restaurant was added to the National Register of Historic Places on August 1, 2012 as the family-run franchise location celebrated its 50th birthday.

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