Dutch Haven

Final sale planned at Dutch Haven; Shoofly pie to be sold at March 10-12 merchandise liquidation event

Dutch Haven

Final sale planned at Dutch Haven; Shoofly pie to be sold at March 10-12 merchandise liquidation event

It’ll be last call for a Dutch Haven shoofly pie.

Dutch Haven, the shoofly pie bakery and gift shop that closed Jan. 1 and was put up for sale, will have a liquidation sale March 10 through 12 where the landmark tourist attraction’s shoofly pie will also be sold.

The East Lampeter Township store’s remaining inventory of T-shirts, furniture, Amish-themed souvenirs and gifts will be sold at half price. There won’t be a discount on baked goods made for the three-day sale, but owner Paul Stahl said it will likely be the last chance to buy Dutch Haven’s version of the molasses-based pie with a crumb topping.

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America’s oldest cheese shop located in Little Italy to continue 130-year legacy in New Jersey


Wednesday morning at the 130-year-old store, Alleva Dairy in Little Italy, takes customers on its last day in NYC. The store’s owner (Karen King) shares that they plan to move to Lyndhurst, NJ. Photo by Erica Price

The famed signs of Alleva Dairy that have been a staple of Little Italy’s scenery for 130 years were taken down on March 1. Passers-by saw fixtures, counters and machinery from inside the shop get loaded up and taken to storage, seemingly signaling the end of the beloved cheese shop.

But, even as everything branding the building as hers was hauled away, Alleva Dairy owner Karen King announced that March 1, 2023, does not mark the end of Alleva Dairy; rather, it is just a new chapter.

After dealing with the difficulties of the pandemic, rising rent and disputes with the landlord, Alleva Dairy was facing its eleventh hour when it received the miracle it needed.

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Advocates seek landmark status for Boston’s remaining Green Book restaurants


BOSTON — Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe in the South End and Slade’s Bar and Grill in Roxbury are the last two remaining Boston restaurants to be featured in the Negro Motorist Green Book, a guidebook for Black Americans during the era of Jim Crow and segregation.

“Charlie’s was always known to serve everybody in the neighborhood. It was open to the whole neighborhood and anyone who came into town,” said Damian Marciante, owner of Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe.

Since its last edition in 1967, Green Book locations slowly began closing their doors.

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Majora Carter and STUDIO V to transform a 1908 Cass Gilbert train station for Bronxlandia, an event and performance space


Bronxlandia is an event and performance space located in Hunts Point train station. Renovations are forthcoming. Courtesy STUDIO V Architecture

For the past two years, urban revitalization strategy consultant and community-based developer Majora Carter has been operating Bronxlandia as a site for temporary events in a decommissioned Cass Gilbert–designed Hunts Point train station. Within the remains of the 1908 French Renaissance New York, Westchester, and Boston Rail (NYW&B) line stop, the MacArthur Award–winning Bronx native and author of Reclaim Your Community has hosted everything from under-the-radar music concerts and book events to pro wrestling matches and TED talks. Now Carter is launching the venue’s next phase as a restored and updated landmark designed around its latest function as a South Bronx-focused performance space.

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11 of the best neon signs still hanging in Hong Kong, and how to get to them before the glow is gone for good

Hong Kong

Neon signage at Gam Lai Gung Karaoke Night Club in Hong Kong’s Mong Kok neighbourhood. The city was once home to thousands of neon signboards, but most of them are now gone. Photo: Connor Mycroft

During their heyday in Hong Kong in the second half of the 20th century, thousands of neon signs bathed the city in vividly coloured light every evening. In recent decades, however, they have been gradually disappearing.

One reason for this is government regulation. Many of the signs were erected without permission from authorities and were deemed public safety hazards. In the early 2010s, new rules were introduced and many displays were slated for removal.

The increased availability of LED lights has also contributed to the decline of neon signs; the former are generally cheaper and more energy efficient, and so make more sense for many businesses.

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Mineola Diner serves as backdrop for ‘Jimmy’s and Jenny’s’ TV pilot


Mineola Diner serves as backdrop for ‘Jimmy’s and Jenny’s’ TV pilot

A Mineola man is using the Mineola Diner as the main backdrop for a sitcom pilot he is shooting. The name of the diner will be transformed to “Jimmy’s and Jenny’s,” which is also the name of the pilot.

George Papadimatos was born and raised in Mineola. His father, Jimmy, worked at the Mineola Diner. “It was home, it was my second home,” Papadimatos says.

Papadimatos became an actor around seven years ago and had an idea to write a sitcom about his life growing up in Mineola.

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