All the Ridiculous Theme Hotels I Want to Crash at After COVID

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From As an introverted-extrovert, the pandemic’s hermit social mores have been alright by me. Sure, I miss dancing with randos and having pizza parties. But generally, I’ve embraced The Indoors with choice ASMR stimulation, dissociation, and hovel sorcery. Lately, however, I’ve longed to wake up far, far away from my own apartment in a giant clam. Or crack mine eyes in a plastic spaceship, or under a disco ball. I wanna traipse into a roadside, potato-themed joint in the middle of nowhere and think, If I died here, no one would know. But it would be worth it. 

I miss kitschy hotels. And in a post-COVID world, I will be sinking my little goblin toenails into every single one of their shag carpets, across the United States.

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Over $67,000 raised to restore historic Jones Bar-B-Q after destroyed in fire

From KFSM5: MARIANNA, Ark — Over $67,000 was raised through a GoFundMe for Jones’ Bar-B-Q. The historic business is the country’s oldest Black-owned restaurant, which opened in 1910. It burned down on the last day of Black History Month after a grease fire in the BBQ pit.

Owner James Jones says he’s been working at the family-owned restaurant since he was 14 years old. He’s spent 60 years in the business.

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McDonald’s advertising collaboration, historic Muncie sign gain social media attention

The original golden arch sign sits in front of the East Charles Street McDonald’s in Muncie, March 9, 2021. The sign was installed in 1958 when the building opened. Jaden Whiteman, DN

From Ball State Daily: The sizzle of burgers on the grill, the shake-shake of salt on fresh french fries and the gush of Coca-Cola from the drink fountain — these staples can all be found under an arch that has become a threshold of opportunity and an ode to the past.

tweet from the City of Muncie Feb. 19, 2021, featuring two photos of the McDonald’s sign located on East Charles Street, has been generating a social media buzz. The tweet said Muncie has one of only three remaining original single-arch McDonald’s sign designs in the United States.

“My communications person went ahead and did a post on it, and what we discovered is that it’s one of the most highly shared posts that the city has ever [made],” Muncie Mayor Dan Ridenour said. “So, clearly, it has had an impact.”

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Parts of Domino Sugar sign to be sold at museum

Photo credit: Domino Sugar Baltimore Facebook page.

From the Baltimore Fishbowl: Another piece of local history will go up for sale when the Baltimore Museum of Industry offers fragments of the recently-dismantled Domino Sugars sign for sale to support its mission.

Domino Sugar Baltimore announced this week that the Museum of Industry is one of several organizations or companies that will receive the letters from the nearly 70-year-old neon sign that is being replaced with an LED sign.

Domino said a statement that the largest letter, the 20-foot-high ‘D,’ was made up of several pieces, the “most affected by rust,” and was deemed unsalvageable. As a result, the company said, it plans to make souvenirs out of the D to share with the 500 employees of its Baltimore refinery.

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Historic Walgreens site to bustle with restaurants

From Miami Today: An historic and iconic building on a high-profile corner in downtown Miami is being reborn as a venue bustling with new restaurants and bars, and some office space.

The city’s Historic and Environmental Preservation Board has approved a special certificate of appropriateness for an addition and alterations to a property at 200 E Flagler St.

The applicant, 200 E. Flagler Development LLC, plans to redevelopment the former Walgreens Drug Store into Julia & Henry’s.

The property is a locally designated historic site known as the Walgreens Drug Store within the Downtown Miami Commercial Historic District.

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