Colorado Springs native honors dive bars, neon signs, nostalgia with art

Jon Francis painted Johnny’s Navajo Hogan because that’s where his brother worked when they were growing up. Jon Francis painted Johnny’s Navajo Hogan because that’s where his brother worked when they were growing up. Courtesy photo</em<

From The Gazette: When Jon Francis thinks of Colorado’s beauty, his mind doesn’t just go to the mountain views.

He thinks about the neon signs and brick storefronts around his hometown of Colorado Springs.

He’s not as inspired by natural landscapes. It’s those “urban landscapes” that inspire Francis.

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Should the iconic neon Snookies sign become a local landmark? Des Moines officials will decide

Mariah Robinson of Des Moines and her 3-year-old daughter, Esther, enjoy ice cream at Snookies Malt Shop on the first day of the season Saturday, March 27, 2021. Bryon Houlgrave/The Register

From the Des Moines Register: When a car hit and toppled the iconic neon sign outside Snookies Malt Shop in October, Leslie Hunter thought the setback was a fitting end to a pandemic season.

The owners of the Beaverdale ice cream stand, a summertime community tradition, were told that because city law no longer allows for pole signs, they might not be able to re-install the sign that had graced the corner of Beaver Avenue and 41st Street in Des Moines for nearly four decades.

Though the ordinance had grandfathered existing signs like Snookies’, there was no provision for replacing signs that were removed — or as in their case, damaged.

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Missouri’s Boots Court Motel Is A Retro Adventure Just Waiting To Happen

From Only In Your State: We’ve all probably read a book or have seen a movie about time travel. Maybe we’ve even dreamed of what time period we’d travel to, if we could. While we can’t really journey back in time, we certainly can feel as though we have at the many retro destinations throughout Missouri. For a peek way back in time, check into Missouri’s Boots Court Motel.

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Local nonprofit group files application to reopen Kentucky Theatre

Photo by: Friends of the Kentucky/Facebook

From LEX 18: LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — A local nonprofit says they’re hopeful they can bring movies back to Lexington’s Kentucky Theatre very soon.

The theatre’s management made the tough decision to shut down back in October, leaving the building in the city’s care for the time being.

The “Friends of the Kentucky,” a nonprofit group that says they’re dedicated to preserving and improving the theatre, announced Tuesday that they’ve applied with the city to reopen and manage it.

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Blinded by the light: Raleigh studio bends glass to make neon new again

 — Like driving toward the Las Vegas strip, you can see Glas studio in Raleigh coming from a ways away.

The neon-colored signs are within sight well before you enter the studio.

It’s a bit gaudy and somewhat overwhelming, but there’s plenty of substance in these signs that might otherwise be discarded. There’s some element of advertising but also artistic merit and a little bit of history in these displays – a collection of old logos and insignias that would serve as cool-looking artistic pieces in a man cave today.

A look around makes for a fun afternoon trip. All the signs being plugged in has a way of making you feel unplugged.

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