Don’t miss your chance to bid on your very own retired Redbird subway car


The retired Redbird outside Queens Borough Hall GMPICKET’S FLICKR

From Gothamist: Every once in a while, life hands you an opportunity that seems too good to be true, whether it’s 75,000 lightly-used ball pit balls or Greek islands that are less expensive than NYC apartments. Today, we present you with one such once-in-a-lifetime deal: you can now bid on a retired Redbird subway car for the bargain starting price of just $6,500.

Redbird Car #9075 is a 50-foot, 40-ton car that seats 44 people. It was previously used, among other purposes, to transport New Yorkers to and from the 1964 World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. It was officially retired in 2003, when the entire fleet was replaced with the stainless-steel cars people are familiar with today.

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Seattle’s Elephant Car Wash sign to be considered for landmark status


Iconic signs for the closed Elephant Car Wash at the 616 Battery St. location loom over a worker at a nearby construction project Oct. 7, 2020, in Seattle. Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times file

From The Seattle Times: The famous bubble gum pink and neon Elephant Car Wash sign could become a permanent fixture in downtown Seattle.

On July 6, the city’s Landmarks Preservation Board will consider the sign for landmark status.

When the Elephant Car Wash on Battery Street near Denny Way closed in 2020, community members, the Museum of History & Industry and developers weighed in on what to do with two iconic signs originally installed in 1956.

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Bringing home Faye’s: A Reno neon sign is rediscovered, along with its backstory


Faye’s, a neon sign from the 1960s, is being prepped for its big return at Reno Public Market. Artist Jeff Johnson is refurbishing it so that it can be hung at the new stage on site at the market in fall 2022. Courtesy Of Nettie Oliverio

From the Reno Gazette Journal: Although the sign was perched atop the mall for a half-century, Casazza said he never forgot about it, and collectors have repeatedly poked at him to sell it. He never wanted to, though.

“It’s part of the history of the market,” said Casazza.

Faye’s was “one of the nicest dress shops in town,” said Casazza, and it was owned by a friendly German woman named Faye.

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‘Interact with the history’: New ghost signs installation to be unveiled in Winnipeg


A ghost sign is brought back to life thanks to new technology known as a light capsule

From CTVNews Winnipeg: Old faded signs in some of Winnipeg’s historic neighborhoods will look brand new again, thanks to some technology and creativity.

Craig Winslow is a light artist from Portland, Oregon and said this is the best way to restore the old signs, also known as ghost signs.

“I started this project called light capsules. So taking these old ghost signs and bringing them back to life with technology. It’s non-damaging, typically a restoration or repainting it, honestly, causes more damage. Using light, as paint, is a way to not damage the signs further, but show layers from the past, and often times, multiple layers,” said Winslow.

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Summit Diner Ranked Best In New Jersey: Report


The Summit Diner (Alex Mirchuk/Patch)

From Patch: SUMMIT, NJ — With their padded booths, neon signs, friendly waitstaff and stacks of pancakes that can be ordered at all hours of the day, diners are essentially a staple in New Jersey.

Summit Diner, which sits right on the corner of Union Place, is the quintessential Jersey diner, according to a recent report from Out of the 37 best diners in the state, ranked Summit Diner as number 1.

With about 600 diners, New Jersey is the Diner Capital of the World, according to Diners in the state also rarely die out; they either move elsewhere or modernize.

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On The Way To The Grand Canyon, Visit The Quirky Bedrock City



From The Travel: Of course, the legendary Grand Canyon and its equally iconic cross-country road trippin’ partner, Arizona’s Interstate 40 – commonly known as the historic Route 66 – are popular attractions in this part of the US. Masses of visitors flock to experience these globally famed US icons on a worldwide scale, but many don’t know of the amusing hidden gem just a short journey from the canyon – one that kids and adults alike adore.

Travelers in the vicinity of the Grand Canyon’s South Rim and highway cruisers heading along Route 66 should keep an eye out for one of the country’s most unique roadside attractions, where Instagrammable scenes and fun things to do add an entertaining flair to the road ahead. If fantastic photo opportunities and a trip down childhood memory lane sound are just what the doctor ordered, consider adding Bedrock City itself to the itinerary for the ultimate dose of nostalgic feels.

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