A welcome return: Domino Sugars sign comes back to Baltimore’s skyline Sunday | COMMENTARY

Contractors repair and retrofit the framework before replacement letters are added to the Domino Sugars sign. (Jerry Jackson/Baltimore Sun)

From the Baltimore Sun: The Baltimore skyline has looked a little dim ever since March 1, when a 70-year piece of history disappeared from sight. That’s when the lights were shut off on the iconic “Domino Sugars” sign, which brightened up the Inner Harbor and could be viewed from various vantage points around the city. To Baltimore, the Domino sign was as much a part of its fabric as the Radio City Music Hall sign that blazes across New York City’s Rockefeller Center, or the dozens of similarly lit marquees that make it seem like it’s always daytime in Times Square. In fact, the Domino sign was built by the same company who created the iconic neon signs in The Big Apple, New York’s Artkraft Strauss Co. It was a landmark that said “this is Baltimore.”

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Capital’s delightful metal semaphore signs added to Register of Moveable Monuments

Seen as an integral part of the historic centre, the signs used by traders and craftsmen to stand out from the competition constitute a collection of ornamental metalwork that is widely considered to be unique on such a scale in Poland. Kalbar/TFN

From The First News: A seven-year-long campaign to have vintage signs in Warsaw’s Old Town added to the capital’s Register of Movable Monuments has finally come to fruition with 24 being chosen.

Colloquially known as ‘semafory’ (semaphores), the process began in 2014 with the laborious task of identifying and cataloguing all those of historic value.

Seen as an integral part of the historic centre, the signs constitute a collection of ornamental metalwork that is widely considered to be unique on such a scale in Poland.

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Historic 1950s-era Blue Star Diner for sale in Newport News

From WTKR: NEWPORT NEWS, Va. – It is a piece of nostalgia along Warwick Boulevard in Newport News.

“The Blue Star is one of maybe five classic diners from the time period in the state of Virginia. It is a unique property,” said owner Michael Lessin.

It is a blast from the past that’s been there since 1958 – a pre-fabricated building that was built in New Jersey, then moved to Woodstock, Va., then to Newport News.

“The diner represents a lost era, to a certain degree,” said Lessin.

The diner was even made famous in the 1988 movie “Zelly and Me,” staring Isabella Rossellini.

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Group hopes to save historic Klas Restaurant in Cicero

A small group is working to save, Klas Restaurant in Cicero that has been around since 1992. It is now one of the most endangered historic places in the state.

From FOX 32: CICERO, Ill. – A small group of dedicated people are working furiously to save a building with a storied history.

The old Klas Restaurant in Cicero has been around since 1922, and it is now one of the most endangered historic places in the state.

The restaurant was built by Adolf Klas, who was an immigrant from the area now known as the Czech Republic.

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Columbus Dispatch sign stands as a symbol of 150 years of service to the community

The Dispatch sign has illuminated Downtown Columbus for decades and was recently updated to reflect the newspaper’s 150 years of service to the community. Doral Chenoweth, Doral Chenoweth/Dispatch

From The Columbus Dispatch: On a recent clear June morning, as Downtown workers began rolling into the city on their morning commute, a small but monumental change was taking place five stories above them.

Jim Sherry of S&S Sign Services shuffled along the scaffolding atop the former Dispatch building, now home to the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. In his hands were two large black plastic numbers: a “5” and a “0”.

With a little bit of drilling, Sherry replaced the “149” on the historic Columbus Dispatch sign to show 150 years of service, and consequently helped usher the newspaper into a new era.

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Lost Nashville: Retracing Belle Meade Theater’s glorious past

The new Belle Meade Theater is all illuminated on a spring night in late April of 1940 as the finally touches are being made for the grand opening on May 1. Submitted Photo

From the Tennessean: From stardom to fandom, the historic marquee sign atop the former Belle Meade Theater has seen it all.

Near where Harding Pike intersects with White Bridge Road, the building once housing the grand theater is a landmark that witnessed more than 80 years of glory, transformation and fight for preservation.

Opening in May 1940, the Belle Meade Theater, envisioned as a “neighborhood theater,” was quite the spectacle. The lobby was illuminated by 1,600 glittering marque lights. The auditorium seated more than 1,100.

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Video: Vandals spray-paint Casa Grande’s Neon Sign Park

Vandals spray-painted the face of the Horse Shoe Motel “waver” Wednesday morning at the Neon Sign Park.

From the Casa Grande Dispatch: CASA GRANDE — Casa Grande Police are looking for two vandals who spray-painted the Neon Sign Park downtown around 1 a.m. on Wednesday.

The vandals were recorded on security video around 1 a.m. while spray-painting the side of a planter and the face of the waving bellhop under the Horse Shoe Motel sign.

Casa Grande Police Department spokesman Thomas Anderson said the city’s graffiti abatement program was able to remove the graffiti but it caused about $400 worth of damage to the sign and planter.

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