Iconic Almond Roca neon sign in Tacoma to be replaced


The original Almond Roca neon sign and clock in Tacoma has been taken down and will be replaced. (Feliks Banel/KIRO Newsradio)

From KIRO Newsradio: The classic neon “Almond Roca” sign and clock, which has cast a warm glow over E 26th Street alongside the Brown & Haley candy factory in Tacoma, has reached the end of its useful life and will be replaced with a replica, according to a company spokesperson.

Kathi Rennaker, director of marketing for Brown & Haley, told KIRO Newsradio early Tuesday that the original and much-beloved sign, which is at least 80 years old, has been restored a few times in the past, including as recently as 18 or 19 years ago.

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America’s Newest Mega Theme Park Is Opening Along Route 66


Image courtesy of American Heartland

From Thrillist: To picture this park, you’ll have to literally think very, very big. A huge new theme park and resort is set to open in Oklahoma along Route 66, and the size is comparable to your favorite Disneyland parks.

Dubbed the American Heartland, the whopping $2 billion project will take over 1,000 acres across northeast Oklahoma, just west of Grand Lake. Inside, you can expect to get lost in a huge theme park as well, which will sprawl across 125 acres.\

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Vacationing with Wes Anderson: The American Motel Edition


From messynessychic: Wes Anderson did it again with another eye-feast of aesthetics in “Asteroid City”, set in futuristic quasi-mid-century Southwestern United States, a barren desert setting reminiscent of New Mexico or Arizona. He’s made us want to pack some hard-sided suitcases, load up the station wagon, and get our kicks back on Route 66. After watching Asteroid City, you too may be considering changing your summer plans to include the American Southwest, or a quaint Asteroid City-style motel….

Ironically (or perhaps not for Wes Anderson) Asteroid City wasn’t filmed in the Southwestern United States as its meant to portray but actually it was filmed in Chinchón, Spain a location long-known for being the backdrop of Spaghetti Westerns and other famous films like The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. So while we may not be able to say exactly which motels inspired Asteroid City, we can explore some of the motifs and styles clearly associated with Asteroid City’s style.

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FARM Bluffton group brings Strangebird to Savannah’s Streamliner Diner


From Eat It & Like It: I’ve been watching work going on at the Streamliner Diner on Barnard Street in the Victorian District.  Something was up.  I thought it was about to become another SCAD cafeteria.

Last week, I got a text from FARM Bluffton/Common Thread Executive Chef Brandon Carter telling me they had a new restaurant on the way.

“We’re opening Strangebird in the Streamliner! Let me know when you want to come check it out.” he said.

The news could not have been any better. This is a great addition to our food scene. They open this week.

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Grant to restore windows, doors at Masonic Temple on Main Street in Baker City


The Masonic Lodge, circa 1910-1940. Baker County Library historic photo collection

From the Baker City Herald: Another historic building in downtown Baker City will be spruced up thanks to a Preserving Oregon grant from the State Historic Preservation Office.

The Masonic Temple, 2193 Main St., was finished in 1901. This grant, which is a 1:1 match for a total of $8,000, will help preserve the upper story windows and historic doors.

Restoring Miami’s Historic Hotels: A Rebirth of Vintage Elegance

Miami Beach Hotels

From Salon Privé: While it may be synonymous with new money, new buildings, and an influx of people, Miami also cherishes its heritage. As the transformation of Miami Beach from a spring break mecca to a sophisticated world-class destination takes place, a remarkable restoration movement is underway. A collection of distinguished five-star flags is preparing to unfurl on Collins Avenue, breathing new life into old, iconic hotels.

Steeped in the nostalgia of the 1950s and 1960s, Miami Beach’s boulevard is poised to reclaim its splendour with the imminent arrival of renowned names such as Bulgari Hotels & Resorts, Aman, Rosewood, and Auberge. This carefully orchestrated process involves securing the approval of the City’s Historic Preservation Board and, crucially, restoring the Art Deco-style facades of these timeless establishments.

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Haines Shoe House in York County gets state historical marker


From WGAL: YORK, Pa. — The Haines Shoe House in York County now has a state historical marker.

The marker was unveiled Wednesday at the unique structure along Route 30 in Hellam Township.

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