Neon Alberta Meat Market sign restored to its former glory in new home

WATCH: The Alberta Meat Market on the corner of 5 Street and 6 Avenue South had one of the most iconic neon signs in Lethbridge. Now, the 60-year-old sign is lit up once again. Jasmine Bala has more.

From Global News: The iconic neon storefront sign that used to be on the old Alberta Meat Market building on the corner of 5 Street South and 6 Avenue South in Lethbridge is glowing once again.

The sign, more than six decades old, was donated to the Galt Museum & Archives in November by the building’s new owner, Chris Sirias.

At first, he didn’t know what to do with it.

But Sirias knew it was too large to keep on the building, as the city’s regulations for storefront signage wouldn’t allow it.

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Historic Lakewood Theater Prepares to Reopen As Bowling Alley

A beacon for East Dallas, the historic Lakewood Theater will soon reopen as a bowling alley. Published Sunday, July 14, 2019

From A beacon for East Dallas, the historic Lakewood Theater will soon reopen as a bowling alley.

For the last year, Lakewood residents Craig and Jennifer Spivey, have been renovating the beloved building.

“It’s really special,” said Craig Spivey. “People walk by every night and tell us how awesome this place is and what they did here.”

Spivey said those fond memories and feelings of nostalgia guided the transformation from theater to their bowling alley Bowlski’s.

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The 12 best roadside attractions on the Oregon Coast Highway

Jamie Hale/The Oregonian

From In a state already full of quirky roadside attractions, there is perhaps no stretch of highway with more to offer than U.S. 101 (also known as the Oregon Coast Highway), which stretches the length of our scenic coastline.

There are sea lions, dinosaurs and wax figures among the attractions, found for free at state parks and at pricier tourist traps. They’re both natural and human-made, beautiful and grotesque. You might feel unsettled and occasionally unsatisfied, but such is the nature of the roadside attraction.

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Super Size Me 2 Trailer Goes After Fast Food Chicken

From MovieWeb: The trailer for Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken has just been released and Morgan Spurlock is shaking things up again. While 2004’s Super Size Me saw Spurlock eating nothing but fast food for 30 days, the sequel is providing a new twist, which has been called “a revelation.” The first documentary gained a ton of attention and even earned an Academy Award nomination in the process. Since then, Spurlock has done other documentary projects, but this is bringing it all back to the fast food game.

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Andrew Yang Wants to Save Your Dying Mall

Andrew Yang, pictured at an Iowa event, announced the American Mall Act from a dying mall in South Carolina. Charlie Neibergall/AP

From CityLab: Entrepreneur and presidential hopeful Andrew Yang has a new policy proposal that promises to set him apart in the crowded Democratic field. He hopes to address an issue affecting the economic vitality of communities all across the country. Yang wants to save the malls.

According to his campaign, some 300 malls will fold over the next 4 years, a number in line with an estimate by Credit Suisse that one-quarter of all malls will close by 2022. Many dozens or hundreds more will struggle as anchor stores collapse and retail outlets wither. Yang’s American Mall Act would devote $6 billion to finding new purposes for these dying retail complexes.

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