Iconic Pink Elephant Car Wash sign is closer to attaining landmark status


From King5: SEATTLE — A neon sign that is as iconic in Seattle as the Space Needle, got its first step toward becoming a historical landmark.

The City of Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board voted Wednesday to approve the nomination application to consider the Pink Elephant Car Wash sign as an official landmark.

The sign is from the original Pink Elephant Car Wash that was built near 6th and Battery in 1956. There are two signs from the location; a larger one was given to Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry. A second, smaller one that was donated to Amazon, is being considered for landmark status.

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Vintage Burger King Is Discovered Fully Intact Behind a Wall at a Delaware Mall


Jonathon Pruitt via Twitter

From My Modern Met: It’s not often we catch a glimpse of our not-too-distant past, especially in mint condition. Recently, however, a photo of a vintage Burger King has circulated on Twitter, featuring the interior of the fast-food restaurant completely void of people and left fully intact. The mystery of its existence, as well as its remarkably preserved decor, has understandably sparked a lot of interest online.

Amazingly, the BK diner was discovered behind a wall at the Concord Mall in Wilmington, Delaware. A photo of the premises was taken by Jonathon Pruitt in April 2022 but so far, that’s about the only information we have about the secret location. Was it accidentally blocked off after it closed down and then forgotten about for a while? It could be possible. As one person on Twitter points out, it was used as a storage room as recently as 2019.

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The Georgia Landmark Known as ‘America’s Stonehenge’ Is Destroyed in an Explosive Attack


Screenshot of news coverage of the demolition of Georgia Guidestones YouTube

From Smithsonian Magazine: Since the 1980s, the Georgia Guidestones have puzzled tourists and locals alike. Erected by an anonymous individual about 100 miles east of Atlanta, the monument, dubbed “America’s Stonehenge,” consisted of four large stones around a center stone topped with a capstone. Mysterious inscriptions on the monument seemed to speak to the conservation of humanity, but their exact intent was unclear.

It’s unlikely the mysteries of the Guidestones will ever be revealed now, as the monument was destroyed by an explosive device Wednesday morning, the New York Times’ Livia Albeck-Ripka reports. Footage released by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) shows a detonation reducing one of the side stones and part of the capstone to rubble around 4 a.m., and a car leaving the area shortly after.

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Famed Frontier Town property near Helena listed for $1.7M


John R. Quigley and Frontier Town. Provided by the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame

From the Independent Record: Frontier Town, a piece of the Helena area’s colorful past, is on the sale block for $1.7 million.

And the news has prompted some exchanges between the granddaughter of the original owner and the current owner.

The Old West-themed tourist attraction that operated from 1948 to 2002 just below the summit of MacDonald Pass off U.S. Highway 12 west of Helena is now a private residence. It includes 15 springs on 41 acres on the eastern slope of the Continental Divide.

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Historic Dew Drop Inn coming back as boutique hotel and music venue


The Tulane University Digital Library

From 4wwltv: NEW ORLEANS — It’s the start of a new beginning for the historic Dew Drop Inn Hotel and Lounge in Central City.

A ground breaking ceremony held Thursday marked the start of its restoration.

It’s a dream come true for Kenneth Jackson whose grandfather, Frank Painia, first opened the Dew Drop Inn in 1938. He was a barber on Lasalle Street until the building across the street become available.

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