Preserve — don’t demolish — Peterson Avenue’s unique modernist streetscape

A demolition permit has been issued for the Sapphire Building, at 2800 W. Peterson Ave. in the West Ridge neighborhood, but preservationists say it is historically significant. Pat Nabong/Sun-Times

From the Chicago Sun-Times: You might not immediately notice the commercial architecture along Peterson Avenue as you roll by at 30 miles an hour.

But the street’s nearly 2 miles of unique, often idiosyncratic, single-story and two-story postwar modern buildings between Western and Kedzie avenues are worthy of attention. And preservation.

We say this as news comes that a demolition permit was issued for the former Sapphire Building, a clever, low-slung limestone and glass building constructed in 1960 at 2800 W. Peterson Ave. in the West Ridge neighborhood.

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The Treasured Diners and Hidden Haunts That Covid-19 Closed for Good

Long before Cambridge, Mass., became a tech boomtown, it was home to the Cantab Lounge. Credit…Erik Jacobs for The New York Times

From the New York Times: If you ever went to the Cantab Lounge at 8 in the morning, you would meet regulars named Hoopy or Ralphie Moneybags or Growling John or Illinois, guys who showed up every morning, as if they had a time clock to punch.

This was before Cambridge, Mass., became a tech boomtown, home to a 300,000-square-foot Google satellite office complete with decorative canoes and a miniature indoor putting green.

Back then this stretch of Massachusetts Avenue was genuinely grungy. The Cantab took only cash. The bar was always sticky, and you wouldn’t want to use the bathroom. In a 1996 Senate debate, the Republican candidate, Bill Weld, held up the establishment as an argument against public assistance, saying, “They get the check, go down to the Cantab in the morning, and drink it away.” (The competition groused that his comment had been good for the Cantab’s business.)

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Somerset County Diner stays open for indoor dining, despite state’s COVID-19 restrictions

Summit Diner in Somerset is open for dine-in service.

From WJAC: Despite the state’s restrictions on indoor dining until January 4th, one diner in Somerset County has been letting customers dine-in anyway.

Cars filled the parking lot of the Summit Diner in Somerset Saturday morning as customers flowed in and out of the dining room.

The diner shut down the weekend after those restrictions were announced, but then made the decision to stay open for indoor dining.

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Red Colony Diner expected to return to Brookfield

Blue Colony Diner in Newtown is one of many classic diners in the region. Contributed Photo / Contributed Photo

From the Wilton Bulletin: BROOKFIELD — An old Brookfield diner is expected to return to its former glory in January after being out of commission for years, according to its owner

George Marnelaki, the owner of the Blue Colony Diner in Newtown, is working on reviving the former Red Colony Diner — a family heirloom, so to speak — at 121 Federal Road to continue his late father’s legacy.

Red Colony had been in Brookfield since 1969 but was replaced by a Five Guys establishment about 13 years ago, which later became Frankie’s Diner in 2017, according to Marnelakis, 54.

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Local landmark Mickey’s Diner puts out call for help

From KARE: ST PAUL, Minn. — After more than 80 years in business, a Twin Cities icon is asking the public for support.

Mickey’s Diner, located on West Seventh Street in St. Paul since 1939, and is temporarily closed due to the pandemic.

GoFundMe has been created for Mickey’s Diner, and has raised $10,000 of the $50,000 goal as of Jan. 1.

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