Castro Theatre Changes Management, Will No Longer Primarily Screen Movies, Become More of A Live Venue


From California News Times: Another Planet Entertainment, the organization that launched Outside Lands and operates Auckland’s Fox Theater and Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, has signed a deal to take over the operation of the historic Castro Theater. And sadly, for movie fans, this means it’s no longer a repertoire cinema, but it will continue to host film festivals and other film events.

The Castro Theater was closed at the beginning of the pandemic and reopened in 2021 for some carefully selected screenings, after which it has been almost dark for the past two years. Matrix Resurrections Premier last month.And today We get the word The family, which has been operating since the theater was built, decided to take over to another planet in 2023.

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Destination Diner: This 1940s-Style Roadside Restaurant In the Wisconsin Woods Has a Jamaican Jerk Pit


Stop for the photo, stay for the food. In the summer, road touring groups often add Delta Diner to their itinerary, bringing long rows of Harleys or classic cars to the lot. (Courtesy of Delta Diner)

From The Epoch Times: Delta Diner is an unexpected vision in the Wisconsin Northwoods. As you come around the bend on an old county highway, a classic aluminum diner appears at the roadside, shining like brand new in the sun, alongside a smoking open-air Jamaican jerk shack, a coffee and ice cream stand, and a craft-beer bar built into a couple of shipping containers connected by an arcing steel rooftop. Stop for the photo; stay for the food.

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The Battery Maritime Building Is Beautiful, But It’s No Longer Ours


Photo: David Sundberg/Esto

From Curbed: In the future, all beautiful public buildings will be private, and those old opulent interiors once designed to dazzle the masses will be kept out of sight. In too many cases, it’s already so, a situation funded by taxpayers whose money goes to excluding them. The Battery Maritime Building, a ravishing relic of the days when the waterways were still the core of New York’s transportation system, spent decades as a moribund shell. Eventually, the city turned its property over to a private development team and, thanks in part to $33 million in federal historic-preservation tax credits and the ministrations of the architectural firm Marvel, the building has been resurrected as Casa Cipriani, with a hotel, restaurant, spa, event space, and private club all under one roof. The reopening completes the loop of leisure that winds from the esplanade at Battery Park City, around the tip of Manhattan, up to the new shopping-and-restaurant center at Pier 17.

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World’s Largest Collection Of The World’s Smallest Versions Of The World’s Largest Things Packs On The Superlatives


Atlas Obscura

From: Jalopnik: What if I told you there is a single place where you can see tiny recreations of the largest versions of roadside attractions all in one place? Well, clear the sleep from your eyes for it is no dream. It is the World’s Largest Collection of World’s Smallest Versions of World’s Largest Things in the appropriately teeny-tiny town of Lucas, Kansas, and friends, it makes my heart so happy.

Like most red-blooded Americans, I am a fan of the roadside attraction. Calling something a tourist trap increases its likelihood of trapping me 100 percent. It seems the rest of the staff are also fans. When we saw the world’s largest cast iron skillet being moved to its new location at the future Lodge Cast Iron Museum, we began planning a staff road trip just to visit all the amazing giant objects that litter our roadsides (in Mercedes Streeter’s bus, of course).

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San Jose’s historic Burbank Theater sells to local investor

Burbank Theater in San Jose (Loopnet)

From The Real Deal: A San Jose real estate investor is the new owner of the city’s historic Burbank Theater, which showed classic films before turning to adult fare in the 1970s.

Tru Investments LLC acquired the property, named for the unincorporated Santa Clara County neighborhood, for $1.6 million, the Mercury News reported. The deal was recorded with the county’s Clerk-Recorder’s Office on Jan. 13, exactly one month after the U.S. Bank National Association put the 72-year-old building up for auction. Bidding started at $200,000, according to an online listing on commercial real estate data startup CREXi that it’s since taken down.

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