5. Want to own the historic O’Mahony diner that houses Bishop’s 4th Street Diner? Now you can

Bishops 4th Street Diner - Newport News

Bishop’s 4th Street Diner has been at its current spot on JT Connell Highway since 1967. Sean Flynn/Newport Daily News

From The Newport Daily News: NEWPORT — The rare aluminum diner car, situated near the base of the Newport Pell Bridge since the late 1960s, officially has been listed for sale with a price tag of $150,000.

“It’s very hard (to sell),” said Steve Bishop, who owns and operates Bishop’s 4th Street Diner. “This has been one of my goals my whole life. Me and my new wife just bought it back from my ex-wife three years ago, and I owned it for 10 years. So I’ve been very much involved since 1998, 1996. It’s kind of hard.”

The listing is just for the 828-square-foot O’Mahony diner, which was one of around 2,000 prefabricated metal roadside diners manufactured by the Jerry O’Mahony Diner Company between 1917 and 1952.

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Your Guide to the U.S. Civil Rights Trail


Start your journey along the U.S. Civil Rights Trail in Memphis at the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel

From StyleBlueprint: We believe Black history should be commemorated all year long, not just in February. But, Black History Month is the perfect time to explore the U.S. Civil Rights Trail. The Trail spans 15 states — stretching as far west as Topeka, Kansas, and as far north as Washington, D.C. — and includes over 120 landmarks and monuments of the Civil Rights Movement.

The fight for the civil rights of Black Americans lasted decades and touched many Southern states including, Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The U.S. Civil Rights Trail website helps you plan your journey through several remarkable cities along the trail with an interactive trip planner.

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An artist’s sparkling time machine transports viewers back to San Francisco’s first Black-owned gay bar

Sadie Barnette The New Eagle Creek Saloon

Sadie Barnette: The New Eagle Creek Saloon, 2022, installation view. Courtesy the Kitchen. Photo: Adam Reich

From 4Columns: In the darkness of the Kitchen’s cavernous main space, curved planes of laminated glitter form the horseshoe-shaped island of Sadie Barnette’s installation, The New Eagle Creek Saloon. Surrounded by barstools, the reflective structure seems to levitate a little—thanks to the glow of hidden purple LED striplights and the visual pull of a pink neon sign that crowns the archway of open shelves at the back. The illuminated bubble script reads “Eagle Creek.” The artist’s sculptural invocation of the first Black-owned gay bar in San Francisco—which her father Rodney Barnette opened in 1990 and operated until 1993—is stylized, abstracted. (The historic establishment featured a bar of dark wood, and while it had a neon sign, it wasn’t pink.) Her version looks less like the excised core of a real nightclub than a phantasmic projection, a metaphysical representation, or a small spacecraft—especially when a DJ takes the place of bartender at the helm, performing in the round.

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Company proposes 45-story tower for site of Seattle’s famed Elephant Car Wash

Elephant Car Wash Sign - Seattle

From King5: SEATTLE – It’s been almost a year and a half since the Elephant Super Car Wash was demolished and the historic pink signs were dismantled at Denny Way and 7th Avenue in downtown Seattle.

However, the currently barren concrete slab just a few blocks from the Space Needle might see new life soon.

Holland Partner Group, the company that owns the property, filed paperwork this week with the city to build a 45-story residential high-rise on the lot, adding another tower to the northern end of downtown.

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Vegas Time Capsule: Black History Month at Neon Museum

From KVVU-TV: On this week’s Vegas Time Capsule, we’re celebrating Black History Month at the fabulous Neon Museum.

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