Toronto mourning loss of iconic giant telescope landmark but people don’t need to worry


From blogTO: Toronto residents have started to notice a glaring hole where a giant telescope belonging to a local store has stood for decades as a North York landmark — but there is some surprisingly good news about its disappearance.

For years after the Efston Science store near Yorkdale Mall shuttered in the mid-2010s, the comically large telescope that marked its location remained a familiar, if completely obsolete, part of the streetscape.

It perched atop the building at 3350 Dufferin Street for nearly a decade until this past summer, when it was suddenly removed, to the dismay of locals.

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Demolition Uncovers Century-Old ‘Ghost Sign’ in San Francisco


Ghost mural San Francisco David Gallagher/

From The Messenger: For decades, a hand-painted mural advertising Chevrolets has remained hidden behind a storefront in San Francisco’s Mission District – until last week when a demolished building brought it back into the public eye.

Hand-painted advertisements and murals like the one recently uncovered are called “ghost signs.”

Nate Halverson noticed the sign as workers across the street were demolishing a vacant building, peeling away debris when the sign came into view, he told the San Francisco Chronicle.

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A classic diner is closing in downtown Fitchburg, again. Here’s why


The Moran Square Diner Moran Square Diner Facebook

From the Worcester Telegram & Gazette: FITCHBURG, MA ― The Moran Square Diner, which operates out of a 1939 Worcester Lunch Car Company diner car, will close its doors at the end of this year, according to business owner Adam Willoughby.

Willoughby, 35, who reopened the diner in October 2021 with his wife, Brittany, said in a call they will close because he has accepted a job as a sous chef for Gibbet Hill Grill in Groton.

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Historic gas station display filling up in Richmond


Norman Gibson stands next to the American 10 Gallon Pump recently installed in Richmond, MI. (Courtesy of Richard Weinert)

From The Voice: The Richmond Area Historical and Genealogical Society is hoping to fill up its historic filling station, a goal recently boosted by the donation of an exterior gas pump by society members Norman and Dianne Gibson.

RAHGS is in the process of converting a garage into a historic-themed filling station and has been fundraising since about June 2021. Dianne Gibson is currently the president of RAHGS. Norman Gibson serves as a RAHGS board director as well as a museum curator and lead of the Acquisition Committee.

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Public Meeting Discusses Neon Signs in Joplin


From KSN16: JOPLIN, Mo. — Should neon signs make a comeback in downtown Joplin?

That was the topic of discussion at a public meeting this evening (Tuesday) at “5:30 Somewhere” on Joplin’s Main Street.

“We don’t need downtown to be seen from space, but we want people, especially the pedestrian traffic on the storefronts, to enjoy what makes neon signs nostalgic,” said Thomas Walters, City of Joplin, City Planning.

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Guide to Portland’s Independent Movie Theaters


The Avalon Theatre’s marquee lights up Belmont, enticing visitors to come in for a night of classic nickel arcade games, movies, and escape room fun. Nick Mendez,

From Portland thrives on its independent spirit, and you can see it glow across the marquees of the city’s indie movie theaters. It’s no surprise that Portland’s independent movie theaters embody the same quirky, unconventional charm the city is known for. From experimental art films to mainstream blockbusters, cinephiles and casual movie-goers alike will find plenty of options for a good old-fashioned movie night in Portland.

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