Welcome to Grahamland, where one man dreams of turning his collection of fiberglass statues into a road trip destination

A bikini-clad Uniroyal Gal. Photo: Alexandra Charitan

From Roadtrippers: I first met Hubert Graham in 2017 when I pulled into his driveway located off the busy Andrew Jackson Highway in Bolton, North Carolina. I was on a road trip in search of roadside giants—particularly Uniroyal Gals, the rarer, female counterpart to Muffler Men—and Graham has two. He also has dozens of horses, cows, bears, flamingos, lighthouses, and other fiberglass figures standing at attention in his yard. Much like Graham himself, his creations are still awaiting their moment in the spotlight. Since he was a child, Graham has dreamt of opening his own amusement park—called Grahamland—but real life keeps getting in the way.

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‘Not Just a Burger and a Soda Pop’: Inside America’s Last Remaining Woolworth’s Diner

Google Map

From The Epoch Times: In the 1970s, five-and-dime stores abounded. While department store prices have soared since then, in the corner of the Five & Dime Antique Mall in Bakersfield, California, there remains a relic from the past.

A former Woolworth’s luncheonette, fitted with 22 original vinyl seats on a 74-foot lunch counter, is still open for business. Renamed “Woolworth’s Diner,” this retro eatery is a bonafide blast from the past.

RoadArch.com companion: Website Updating Report #3

From RoadArch.com: Are you braced for more bad news?  Actually, most of the following stories are pretty upbeat.   I’ve been pounding away here.  I’m about halfway through this grueling winter project.  After this post, I have just five sections to go but they are the biggest and comprise about half of my website:  theatres, gas stations, eateries, mid-century, and signs.   I have about 2,700 pages at my website at this point.  I’m not counting the number of photos but I know it’s over 60,000 (the last time I counted).

So, here are some highlights (lowlights?) from four sections. As always, the photos were taken by me, the “news” snippets are courtesy Google StreetView Maps.

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This Seattle Neon Video Is the Coolest Thing You’ll See All Day

Check out our new “Neon Sign Travel Montage” showcasing Seattle, which not only shows the enchanting region from which legends have sprung, but also includes city-specific night scenery, thriving diversity, and varied terrain!

State recognizes TWA Hotel as historic site, nominates two other NYC buildings

Photo: TWA Hotel/David Mitchell

From 6sqft: The state last week awarded ten projects with historic preservation awards, and nominated a dozen other sites to be nominated for the state and national historic places registers. Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation recognized the TWA Hotel at JFK Airport for its preservation of Eero Saarinen’s Trans World Airlines terminal, which serves as the lobby for a new 512-room hotel.

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