‘Ruff’ day? Book a relaxing stay at this giant beagle-shaped bed & breakfast

The Dog Bark Park Inn Bed & Breakfast, located in Cottonwood, Idaho, is shown in a provided image. Photo credit: Dog Bark Park Inn B&B

From MY9NY.com: COTTONWOOD, Idaho – If you love dogs and are looking for a weekend of rest and relaxation, this hotel shaped liked a giant beagle might be just the place.

The Dog Bark Park Inn Bed & Breakfast, currently listed on AirBNB for about $132 per night, is located in Idaho and sleeps four. Guests who “kennel” at the canine-themed inn can enjoy a continental breakfast and scenic views of the picturesque town of Cottonwood.

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Meet the Owner of America’s Best Roadside Attraction

From Atlas Obscura: On your next U.S. road trip, make a pit stop in Lucas, Kansas, where you can visit the World’s Largest Collection of the World’s Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things. In this episode of Infrequently Asked Questions, meet the founder of the collection, Erika Nelson, who photographs America’s largest roadside attractions and then creates miniature versions of each one. Watch for her answers about her favorite items in the collection, where the best roadside attractions are, and why people are so drawn to overly large versions of everyday objects.

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The Future of the Central Terminal – You Can Almost Taste It

From Buffalorising.com: It was only a couple of years back when residents of Buffalo were eagerly awaiting news about the future of the Central Terminal. Developers Harry Stinson and Doug Swift were taking a serious whack at plans to restore the complex. On one hand, it sounded like the site might be a good fit for the film industry. At around the same time, there were hopes that The City would choose the Central Terminal as the preferred Amtrak site. Fans and supporters of The Central Terminal were enthused that there was so much positivity surrounding the historic art deco station – it seemed as if any day an announcement would be made, claiming victory for the rail monument.

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City celebrates refurbished Coke sign

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. representative Blair Belk was among the honored guests Tuesday during a celebration unveiling the restored Coke sign outside Dr. Jeremiah Sturgill’s commercial building in downtown Norton. JEFF LESTER PHOTO

From the Coalfield Progress: Darrell Thompson of Kinsey Neon & Sign Co. in Roanoke said the restoration took about a year and called it ‘probably the most battered sign we’ve done in 20 years.’ The sign was installed in 1936 and had been restored once before in the 1960s, he noted.

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PHOTOS: 23 photos of Sioux City hot dog shops through the decades

A historical photo is shown at Coney Island restaurant in downtown Sioux City. Steve Margeas’ family controlled the shop for its 99 years of existence. Journal file

From the Sioux City Journal: Sioux Cityans love their hot dogs and has a long history to prove it. Take a look at photos from our files of past and present hot dog shops in Sioux City.

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