Historic Pasadena Playhouse’s Neon Gem Restored

Pasadena Playhouse

Pasadena Playhouse historic neon sign. Photo – Pasadena Playhouse

From Colorado Boulevard.net: As the beaches and trails are closed for your daily walk in the need to self-distance, now is the perfect time to take notice of some hidden gems as you get your exercise in your own neighborhood.

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Georgia Retail Property to Undergo Redevelopment

Westgate Shopping Center. Image via Google Maps

From Commercial Property Executive: Ultimate Realty has revealed plans to convert Westgate Shopping Center, a 411,200-square-foot retail complex in Macon, Ga., into an industrial park. The company will spend $12 million on the redevelopment project, which will result in a six-building campus dubbed Middle Georgia Industrial Park. According to public records, the firm acquired the property for $4.7 million from Safeway Group in December 2019.

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OPEN Architecture transforms an abandoned Shanghai industrial site into a contemporary art park

Shanghai Landscape

From The Architect’s Newspaper: Along with a vast number of cultural institutions around the globe, Tank Shanghai, a sprawling urban art environment situated along the Huangpu River in China’s most populous city, has been closed to the public and upped its virtual presence in the midst of the country’s coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Just a little over a year old, this singular adaptive reuse-centered art space centered around—and located within—a quintet of massive decommissioned fuel waste tanks is back open now, and apparently ready to show off. A newly released series of photos details the transformative project, which was designed by multi-disciplinary design studio OPEN Architecture and spearheaded by karaoke-loving contemporary art collector Qiao Zhibing.

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Sneaking Through the Alley with Pepsi

Pepsi Ghost Sign

From POSTMKTG: We spotted a ghost sign fragment the other day on the side of the Mt. Pleasant Bakery on Crane Street in our home city of Schenectady, New York. Figuring out what it was proved quite a puzzle.

The ghost is in a super-tight alley to the building’s right. At first glance, unimpressive.

The words ‘delicious’ and ‘delightful’ were clear enough. But the contrast on the body of the sign had faded to the point where the product being promoted was not clear even upon close inspection.

The alley is no more than 3′ wide, so it proved difficult to photograph. But we snuck in with a wide angle lens and shot 78 images, hoping we might piece this puzzle together.

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The History Behind Austin’s Most Iconic Neon Signs

From Austin Monthly: Like live music, Tex-Mex, and all things weird, neon signs are an essential part of Austin’s identity. These illuminated pieces of urban folk art beckon the masses to dine, drink, dance, or even stay the night throughout the city’s main commercial arteries. Here, we delve into the backstories behind the signs that turn each evening into an electric exhibit.

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