SCA Weekly News Review: April 25, 2021

SCA Weekly News Review: April 25, 2021

40K-pound homemade statue with a Ronald McDonald Officer Big Mac head in Walworth County

The Mayor McCheese head is what inspired Robert Stewart to create the statue.

From TMK4: WALWORTH COUNTY — In rural Walworth County, a small team created a homemade, 40,000-pound statue that includes an extra-large Ronald McDonald’s Officer Big Mac head.

“That’s the Tin Man. Officially, I would call him the Tin Man,” Robert Stewart said.

That statue stands tall in Robert Stewart’s home near Lake Geneva. In fact, it can be seen from about a mile away. It took him and his friend Shane Pope two years to make it.

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A labour of love: Christopher Lake woman welcomes public to visit ‘Deano’

From paNOW: Is it a birdie? Is it an eagle? No, it’s a dinosaur that came out of a golf course.

After around a year of restoration work, a Christopher Lake woman is ready to welcome the public to the area’s latest roadside attraction.

“Come and see a dinosaur in Saskatchewan,” Paula Fox says. “I’m sure he’ll get a few smiles… hopefully some people get a little bit of happiness.”

If visitors enjoy the reptile half as much as Fox does, it appears they’re in for a treat.

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Local artist helps renew “Oasis Bar” neon sign in Old Town

From LocalNews8: POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI) – Another historic Old Town Pocatello neon sign is being brought back to life with the help of a local artist.

Pocatello artist Nick Hottmann is working with Relight the Night to refurbish the historic Oasis Sports Bar neon sign on 304 N. Main Street. Hottmann spent the weekend finding the right colors and repainting the sign.

“We really wanted to make sure we kept it to the original signage, so the colors that are up there are the original colors of Oasis sign,” Hottmann said.

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There’s a skatepark shaped like bacon and eggs an hour out of Seattle

From DailyHive: Artist John Hillding has partied with Andy Warhol, become internationally recognized for his artwork, helped found Bumbershoot Music Festival, and created Washington’s first skateable skillet of bacon and eggs.

Located in Wilkeson, Washington just 50 miles out of Seattle, the Bacon and Eggs Skate park is accessible to the public from the Rails to Trails path.

The fully-skateable art piece features two round sunny-side-up eggs and a wave ramp that looks like a piece of bacon.

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Historic Wigwam Village No. 2 undergoing restoration, new ownership

From KBKO: BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – Built-in 1937, Historic Wigwam Village No. 2 in Cave City has been visited by thousands. The motel is known for its unique design and atmosphere.

Recently Village No. 2 in Cave City underwent new ownership–who say they hope to restore the motel to its original 1937 splendor.

“It was built in 1937 by Frank A. Redford and he was trying to capitalize on the new traffic that was using what was then the new Dixie Highway going north-south to Florida. By creating a motel where people would want to stay, of course, you know, there were lots of motels, and how do you distinguish yourself from the crowd,” said co-owner of the village, Keith Stone. “He had been in Long Beach, California, and saw a sandwich stand shaped like a teepee. And so he built number one in Horse Cave, shaped like a teepee and ultimately into a motel.”

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