Cadillac Ranch: The Story Behind Texas’ Quintessential Roadside Art

From Autobody News: In Amarillo, just off of I-40 exit 60 in a giant field, lies a road trip legend and one of the most iconic roadside attractions in Texas.

Historic airplane filling station dedicated

From the OakRidger: With its metal plates shining and its propeller spinning, the 1931 airplane filling station was at its finest in time for its dedication with a Tennessee Historical Commission sign on Clinton Highway.

Atlas Obscura Readers’ Favorite Landmark Signs

From Atlas Obscura: Sometimes when you ask the universe (or in this case, the internet) for a sign, you get over 500. At least, that’s what happened when we asked Atlas Obscura readers to tell us about their favorite landmark signs.

For The Full Flavor Of Dr Pepper Or Root Beer, 2 Little-Known Soft-Drink Museums Are Waiting For You

Dr Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute

From Forbes: The Dr Pepper Museum declares it’s the home of the nation’s “oldest major soft drink.” The museum is in the building where the soda was bottled, the 1906 Artesian Manufacturing and Bottling Company building, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as the “Home of Dr Pepper.” The soda’s current manufacturer, Keurig Dr Pepper, does not own or operate the museum.

Neon Museum restores Silver Slipper sign on Las Vegas Boulevard

Photo courtesy Neon Museum

From Channel 3 Los Vegas: The Neon Museum has restored the Silver Slipper sign on North Las Vegas Boulevard with new coats of paint. Museum staff chose the blue color for the new paint after examining photos of the sign from the 1950s and ’60s.

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