Veteran Ad Men Plan Bright Future For Kansas City’s Old Neon Signs

Photo/ Julie Denesha

From KCUR 89.4: For more than half a century, the huge star on top of a neon sign above Fun House Pizza and Pub served as a glowing beacon to cars passing by on 350 Highway in Raytown. But one morning in April, a crane took it down.

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Still Kicks To Be Had On Route 66

From the Webster-Kirkwood Times: It’s inspired a song and a television series in a bygone decade, though today’s generation might need help finding it on a map. It has spawned appreciation societies and clubs, and cities still stake claim to its heritage as a tourism boon.

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Tail O’ the Pup has a new owner, now it needs a new home

LA’s famous hot dog stand shaped like a hot dog, the Tail O’ the Pup, is gearing up to hit the streets once more.

From Curbed-Los Angeles: Los Angeles Magazine reports that 1933 Group—the company that revitalized the Highland Park Bowl and North Hollywood’s giant barrel bar Idle Hour—is the new owner of the Tail O’ the Pup.

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Storytelling as Preservation: The Role of Media in Saving Roadside Architecture

The House on the Rock, Spring Green, Wisconsin

From Nation Center for Preservation Technology and Training: Media can have a profound effect on the status of a given location both good and bad. Tourism to New Zealand has been booming, since the island nation’s breathtaking vistas appeared in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Even the 2008 dark comedy “In Bruges” has had a positive effect on that Belgian city’s foot traffic.

While too much media coverage can worsen problems of over tourism in places like Iceland, a well run media campaign can be the difference between life and death for lesser known locations. For example Hatch Art managed to launch a successful media campaign to help save Hamtramck Disneyland, an outsider art site just outside of Detroit. At Atlas Obscura, we’ve seen our own stories have a real world impact on destinations like the Q’eswachaka Rope Bridge in Cuzco, Peru, the root bridges of Cherrapunji, India, and the Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada in a way that has also materially boosted local economies.

This presentation will discuss how great storytelling and the use of tools like newsletters, social media, and events, can be a powerful toolset in laying the groundwork for successfully funding preservation.

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Rock Church buys former strip club

Finally, posted without comment from Fox5 San Diego: The Body Shop, whose “NUDE GIRLS” neon sign flickered above Point Loma’s Midway district for 50-plus years, has been stripped of its old ways.

“We are not sure what we are going to do with the old Body Shop building,” said Miles McPherson, senior pastor of the Rock Church, “but you can rest assured it will never be a sex shop again.”

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