What the History of Gas Stations Means for Electric Cars

Where does the electric plug go? Source: Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group Editorial

From Bloomberg Opinion: The importance of the Model T, which the Ford Motor Co. began selling in 1908, is  a familiar story … But there is another, less well-known aspect of the Model T’s history: the role it played in the development of gas stations — and the role gas stations played in the rise of the automobile. With all the ferment surrounding the evolution of electric vehicles, it occurred to me that it might be instructive to look at the interplay between gas stations and cars a century ago.

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Cave? Cone? Caboose? Here are Arizona’s most unusual hotel rooms

Visitors can sleep in a caboose at Canyon Motel and RV Park in Williams. Photo: Courtesy Canyon Motel

From AZCentral: Imagine being on a train that’s been delayed and you don’t care because there’s plenty to do right outside. That’s what it’s like staying at this property in Williams, which offers several rail cars long retired from active service. The roomy Pullman cars from the 1950s are divided into three suites; the two cabooses are suites unto themselves.

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Starlite Drive-In fans, potential buyer rally to save it from sale to developers

Fans of the Starlite Drive-In gathered at Chapin Park on Saturday to hold a rally that they hoped would convince the current owner of the business not to sell it to developers.

From the Wichita Eagle: If enough people show that they care, maybe the owner of the Starlite Drive-In will change his mind. Maybe the developers he’s rumored to be dealing with will back out. Maybe Starlite can be saved.


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Mother Road market hopes to revitalize Tulsa’s Route 66

From 8ABC Tulsa: The first of its kind food hall in Tulsa takes the spot of the historic 1930s grocery district. “It’s part of a greater effort to revitalize the Route 66, classic Route 66,” said Chef and owner of Bodhi’s Bowl, a restaurant at the market.

The destination gives newcomers and locals alike a taste of Tulsa.

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Fairy Tale Forest sets new date for reopening, completion of restaurant

From NorthJersey.com: “Life happens,” she said.

For the last few years, the park has consumed Vander Ploeg’s life. The granddaughter of the park founder, German immigrant Paul Woehle, Vander Ploeg said she is driven to revive the structures and sculptures handcrafted by family.

The park is being restored to recapture its original look,  Vander Ploeg said. Consequently, work has been tackled by Vander Ploeg, her immediate family and a few local tradesmen. The work started in 2011 as an effort to fix up the roadside view. The project turned into a full restoration once the layers of paint were removed and the degradation was revealed, she said.

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