SCA News Summer 2002




  • Working to Save Reno’s “Wedding Ring Bridge” — — Mella Rothwell Harmon and Bert Bedeau
  • SCA Board Reports
  • Smithsonian to Feature Original Route 66 Road — —Marian Dinwiddie
  • Tucson Fox Theatre Sign Restored — Douglas Towne
  • Petrified Wood Filling Station in Lamar, Colorado — Mark Wolfe
  • Pink Flamingo Boycott
  • Delaware, Ohio’s Bun’s Restaurant Destroyed in Fire
  • Hat n’ Boots to Undergo Restoration — Georgetown Community Council Seattle, WA
  • Treasure Island motel Threatened in Florida
  • Springfield (IL) Drive-In to Re-open — The State Journal-Register
  • Cigar Maker Marsh Stogies to Shut Down — Associated Press
  • American Sign Museum Sets Sights on Cincinnati