SCA News Summer 1996




  • Waikiki’s Kuhio Theatre Demolished — Honolulu Advertiser
  • Photos and Proceedings from SCA LA Conference
  • White Castle Archives to the Ohio Historical Society — Cleveland Plain Dealer
  • Giant Louisville Slugger — Atlanta Journal Constitution
  • Classic Cincinnati Motel Closed: Rancho Rankin for Sale — Cincinnati Enquirer
  • Miami Coppertone Sign Relit — Florida Heritage
  • South of the Board Ad Campaign Moves North — McKeesport (PA) Daily News
  • Howard Johnson Motor Lodges Dropping Orange Roof — Boston Globe
  • Greater Pittsburgh Five Drive-in Theater Spared For A Season
  • What To Call Mid-Century Commercial Architecture? — Brian J. Rucker
  • Hut’s Hamburgers, Austin, Texas — Gregory Smith
  • Cinerama Theater, LA