SCA Journal | Spring 2008


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  • Douglas Towne, “Enchantment Beyond Route 66”
  • John W. Murphey, “The Real, the Fake, and the Tacky: The Evolution of the Tourist Trading Post Along New Mexico Route 66”
  • Douglas Towne, “The Lone Diagonal in a Grid Town: What’s Grand About Grand Avenue”
  • Joanna Dowling, “Safety on the Interstate: The Architecture of Rest Areas”
  • Diane DeBlois, “Grants Goes Nuclear”
  • Debra Jane Seltzer, “Tucumcari Tonight”
  • Peter Glaser, “The 2400 Motel, Vancouver, B.C.”
  • Book Reviews
    • Max J. Skidmore, Moose Crossing: Portland to Portland on the Theodore Roosevelt International Highway
    • Tom W. Williams, The Ghosts of Jungle Park: History, Myth, and Legend: The Story of a Place Like No Other
    • Peter B. Dedek, Hip to the Trip: A Cultural History of Route 66

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