SCA takes the Lincoln Highway to Blobfest by way of the Haines shoe house and a neon-lit Philadelphia

A long-gone pole-painted LH marker in Philadelphia’s Main Line suburbs

This is like the great American road trip you took when you were a kid – only better! Instead of sitting in grandma’s house for hour upon tedious hour, we’re going to all the places your dad would have said ‘no’ to like, Blobfest. And that giant Shoe House you always wanted to see, but your parents objected because its 100 miles out of the way? We’re doing that too. And when we come upon a giant roadside windmill filled with ‘Amish Stuff’ that there is no time to stop at, we’re stopping anyway. Then, when we finally get to Philadelphia we won’t be standing in the hot summer sun waiting to tour Independence Hall or listening to some old lady dressed up like Betsy Ross. We’ll be roaming the streets looking for neon, eating Reading Terminal Market cheesesteaks and Pop’s water ice, visiting Termini Brothers’ classic Italian bakery, and then we’ll go drinking at McGillin’s Ole Ale House, Philly’s oldest bar. And instead of being able to take only one friend, you’ll be able to take all of them. So, buckle up – oh wait, in our luxury motor coach you won’t even have to do that.

Columbia’s 1928 Lincoln Highway marker

Stay tuned for our next installment – Blobfest! and Linked to the Blob.

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