Woolworth’s, the five-and-dime chain that dominated American downtowns for more than a century, barely had two nickels to rub together by 1997, when it finally went bust.

Woolworth's building

The vanishing of the brand in America was a stunning fall for a chain that was once so profitable that founder F.W. Woolworth built the world’s tallest skyscraper for his company in lower Manhattan in 1913. Woolworth is, to this day, depicted in a lobby sculpture counting the nickels that built his empire.  The architectural ghosts of Mr. Woolworth’s chain still haunt many a street corner. However, there is a place in America where you can still walk into a Woolworth’s building with all of its original signage and order a burger and shake at a fully functioning, original Woolworth’s luncheonette, complete with chrome counter and red vinyl seating.

Woolworth's facade

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