Mary Meyers

Could this be Mary Meyers and her dog? Random postcard people are rarely random and more typically known to the businesses they frame.

Two years after their 1947 marriage, Jim and Mary Meyers bought Beasley’s Seafood Restaurant on the Gulf Coast in Mississippi City, Mississippi, renaming it the Friendship House. Beasley’s had just recently opened in Dinty Moore’s Corner restaurant, the sign of which is partially visible behind the live oak branch in this 1950 postcard. The vacation tourist trade from New Orleans through Biloxi, Mississippi, and Mobile, Alabama, to Panama City, Florida, would explode in the postwar era laying the foundation for what would be marketed as the Emerald Coast, but more commonly known as the “Redneck Riviera.” The Friendship House thrived too, famous for seafood and big meals for bargain basement prices. The Meyers family sold the restaurant in 1963 and later opened the Log House restaurant nearby. The Friendship House closed in 1980, sat abandoned for years and was finally torn down. The Meyers’ time in the tourist trade done, the Log House would follow their Friendship House into roadside oblivion in 2003.

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