Falling by the Wayside: The Ten Most Endangered Roadside Places

The Society for Commercial Archeology established the Falling by the Wayside program in 2010 to raise awareness of the importance of roadside places throughout the United States.

"Our goal is to focus public attention on the unique character and historical importance of our nation's roadside commercial architecture—and the factors that challenge their long-term preservation,” says Nancy Sturm, co-president of the organization.

Call for Nominations

Do you have a favorite sign that’s starting to rust, or its neon (or other means of lighting) has faded away? Or a building whose charm comes from architectural features that evoke the building’s purpose – a giant shoe or rooftop milk bottle, a building shaped like a goose or a burger joint with a cow on the roof? As demand for new development continues to grow, more and more such roadside “oddities” are at risk of demolition. Help us document and preserve these roadside treasures by nominating them to SCA’s “Falling by the Wayside” catalogue. Just click on the link below, and provide a description of the site, including its location and a picture.

Click here to download this year's nomination form